Gpx fse450r review

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Gpx fse450r review

Gpx Fser Review. Bisa dibilang ini merupakan produk kasta tertinggi yang dimiliki oleh GPX Moto. Honda CRF50F. See full list on fstoppers. The first 4-stroke air cooled machine in a modern race inspired chassis. See our Fuji 50R review for all the details!. That is a great review. Stop in at Keystone Trailers and see about getting one for you! Fser review from the Everide Channel, over miles of adventure, great scenery, and a very thorough and honest review!.

Motocross Action's Awesome review of the new Fse Rr. The 2-Stroke Theater section has a mix of project bike videos and stock bike videos for you to enjoy. Bitingdog and Dirtleg like this.

FSE S 19x16 34 inch seat height. Ini agak unik karena biasanya sebuah brand motor, ntah itu KTM, Husky, Sherco, Beta, atau Yamaha, membandrol motor 2-stroke lebih murah daripada yang 4-stroke.

Jon Artman 11, views. A lot of people have questions about these bikes and can't even read or review people's garages on them because they can't be added. GTX series turbochargers are designed to last and optimize power. GPX seems to have the parts and many people have gotten misc stuff from them as well as performance parts.

Buat temen-temen yang demen dengan speed offroad maupun power motor yang brutal lebih brutal daripada ccpaling nggak FSER ini cukup layak dipertimbangkan. A bit of info has been posted on this soon to be bike in the Pitster Pro LXR f thread, but excitement is getting more intense for it, and I figured it deserved it's very own place to be discussed.

I will share the good and bad qualities of this bike along with any upgrades. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users.Log in or Join.

Adventure Rider. Adventure Rider Print Magazine! We're doing a print magazine this November - pages of high quality adventure riding stories, photography and interviews! Limited copies still available. Joined: Nov 22, Oddometer: Location: Utah. Alright, here it is. A bit of info has been posted on this soon to be bike in the Pitster Pro LXR f thread, but excitement is getting more intense for it, and I figured it deserved it's very own place to be discussed.

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Let the games begin! Lots of great info out there, but the biggest question I have is price. Also is it a wide ratio gearbox? Bhart89Dec 22, Biggest question from me is what will the MSO say platable?

Dirtleg and Navin like this. ADV Sponsors. Bhart89Dec 27, Can you share any specs like weight, HP, Torque, Seat height, etc.?

Oh yeah, price too. Joined: Dec 10, Oddometer: I'm interested, depending on price and the EFI. If I'm a betting man I would say very similar to this Bhart89 likes this. So I know the similarities to the Asia Wing bike will be non-existent. Keep in mind, that at this point, this is speculation, with some hard info from GPX to back it up. It will be made out of high quality chromo steel.We saw the first photos of prototypes soon after Yamaha introduced its YZ inbut the FSE reached production as a only in As visually striking as its two-stroke sibling, the is more than a pretty facade.

The fuel injection from Marelli, which works with Ducati works flawlessly. Technically, we tested a closed-course-only machine. The fuel injection has a map designed to pass tough European standards, so there is no reason the FSE couldn't pass California smog standards. The bike should be approved by the time you read this.

Gpx Fse450r Review

On our test loop, though, the bike earned plenty of approval. Every rider praised the engine and its response. This motor will chug way down without drama, yet pulls with authority throughout the rpm range. Only the EC had an easier clutch pull.

Some riders thought the clutch engaged too close to the grip, but all applauded the effort required. The six-speed gearbox is a big complement to the motor. The suspension didn't seem as well sorted as the EC's, but perhaps the difference was in the weight. The same ergonomic issues that bothered riders with GG's popped up. While riding there seems to be a lot of bike in front of you and not much behind you.

06262020 - New GPX FSE 300R

That made cornering seem a little odd, but some of that could be due to the Michelin tire. If we had gotten some rain, it would have worked. On the hard, dry terrain, the front skated. Gas Gas knew our riders were taller, so it imported the bikes with taller MX seats instead of the shorter enduro model seats.

At least one of the Conga Line crew picked the FSE as a winner, and the bike has loads of power and potential.


Unlike a lot of the other riders, I didn't have any complaints about the smallish ergos. I like being able to touch the ground, and a smaller bike feels more maneuverable. The suspension is plush, the motor is very user-friendly and it handles well. I would recommend the FSE to anyone who dares to be different. No love for the Wonder bread seat and shrimpy riding position and the slightly heavy feel.

But this bike has loads of personality and performance, plus the first fuel injection done right. The six-speed gearbox allows you to ride with very little clutch work. The FSE felt somewhat top-heavy and a little hard to maneuver through the trees, but overall it is a nice bike to ride.

The clutch had the lightest pull of any bike tested. Tom CarsonThis was the surprise of the test for me. The motor was strong, and it carbureted with no coughing or pinging. I missed no shifts, could find neutral and the ratios felt correct. The suspension absorbed the small trail irregularities the best.

Someone left out the seat foam and covered some marshmallows by mistake. The hydraulic clutch is incredibly easy to pull.Rip around the website and find exactly what you need! Our most popular sections of the website are listed below! If you have any questions for us, click here to contact us! All OEM all the time! Click the button below to be directed to our OEM directory! Find the exact part you need to complete your build! Find all our accessories right here!

We pride ourselves in carrying the most accessories as possible, so your order ships quickly! The TSE enduro could very well be the most exciting new product to hit the North American market in decades.

I sincerely mean that. The performance has been above expected. In fact, the forks blow away Marzocchi 50mm forks by a mile! My bike broke in around the mile mark and runs like a dream.

We rode in 9 days of the Idaho Back country discovery route. The Pitster Pro not only did well, it rocked!

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As we progressed the bike seemed to finally break in and runs far better than the day we left. Many of the trails we did were first gear, death grip, don't fall off a cliff kind of trails-we averaged about 10 hours of riding per day. Day7 took us 16 hours to complete The bikes worst mileage was Day1 at 48mpg. Most days it did mpg.

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On a long transfer day crossing the Magruder Corridor it managed 61mpg. Not a race motor, good longevity, doesn't burn oil, good parts availability, a nice big modern clutch, an overkill oil filtration system.

I rode a for 2 years of local desert racing. Absolutely loved that bike, but it's a different niche altogether.

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It would be hard to come up with a better real world torture test. Engine soft power on the deep sand MX loop, plenty for the woods. Did a sand field of whoops moto too, fueling was spot on. It has far and away exceeded my expectations. Forget price. Its that good. Fit and finnish as well as casting and machining quality are as good as anything out there.

If the case said KTM or Honda no one would bat an eye. The motor is not a super high revving unit. Its pretty much done at K which suits its intended off road purpose fairly well. Congrats to Roostre official finnisher We hammered our bikes so hard on this ride.

Gas Gas FSE-450 - Dirt Rider Magazine

That is saying a lot, and pretty much put to bed any quality concerns I had. I should mention that Pitster Pro in Lindon has been awesome to Roostre. They stock parts! I was considering other options but I think this is what I'll go with after all.We will find out whether Cotto has one eye on retirement and a foot out the door if he does, Ali can spoil the party inside MSG and pull off a monumental upset.

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gpx fse450r review

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gpx fse450r review

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gpx fse450r review

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